What to see in Bari

What to see in Bari

Ready to visit Bari? If you are in the city for just one day or you have plenty of time to discover the beauties of the city, here are some recommended itineraries to capture the essence of the Apulian capital.


  1. Center: shopping & nightlife

Leaving the KiBARI, you arrive at Piazza Aldo Moro , where the railway station is located. From here you can proceed along Via Sparato or Corso Cavour and discover shops, boutiques and try street food, entering what is called the Murattiano district.
Via Sparano is famous for shopping, with boutiques and historic shops that will give you hours of lightheartedness. From Corso Cavour you will find a more authentic part of the city, with a spectacular view of some of the most attractive buildings in the center. This is the part of Bari frequented by both tourists, but also citizens: this is the beating heart of the city.
visit these two streets, perhaps by taking a trip to the Feltrinelli in Via Melo or heading to the typical shops of Via Manzoni, you will arrive at the Petruzzelli and Piazza del Ferrarese, with beautiful architecture overlooking the sea, the stage for the Bari nightlife between pubs, bars and clubs open until late at night.

  1. Bari Vecchia: the most authentic soul

This corner of paradise is located in the north of Bari. It is between the Murattiano district of point 1, the Porto Grande and the Porto Vecchio . The narrow alleys and the chianche (black and white stones) will give you the most authentic face of the city and the small houses on the ground floor and its inhabitants, will give you characteristic corners that are hard to forget.

To do: buy fresh orecchiette from the cheerful and frank ladies who make fresh pasta in the street among the narrow streets of Bari Vecchia.

  1. Street food and typical cuisine

Crispy focaccia, hot panzerotti, fried polenta-based flakes, seafood and many delights to be savored on the street, among the thousand bakeries or in the many restaurants scattered in the new and old part of the city. The Bari food and wine tour is one of the most fascinating and appetizing in Italy and offers unique experiences, such as the “breakfast” based on raw fish.

To try: potatoes, rice and mussels, one of the typical dishes of the Apulian city.

  1. History and sacredness

Close to the Murat part and the historical part, the cultural itinerary starts from the Petruzzelli Theater, located right at the end of Corso Cavour. In 1991 it was in the national news for a great fire, but the renovations have given the city one of the most dynamic cultural centers, with really important shows and events.

From here a visit is mandatory to the Norman-Swabian Castle , built in 1131 and rebuilt thanks to Frederick II of Swabia.
Continuing in the central area, for every traveler and tourist, the Basilica of San Nicola is a must, not only for those who love the religious sphere, but for those who want to get in touch with one of the symbols of the Apulian city. The Saint, in fact, is much loved and celebrated both in May, when he is brought from the sea on a caravel, and on December 6, when, as usual, St. Nicholas brings gifts to the children of the city. A local Santa Claus (perhaps the authentic Santa Claus!), Loved very much by the Russians, who you will probably meet in the streets of the center, as they are regular visitors to the capital. In addition to the folkloristic part, you can admire one of the most evocative examples of Romanesque-Apulian architecture and visit the crypt and the museum with the treasures of the Saint.
Continuing the route, do not miss the Cathedral of San Sabino and its crypt, where you can admire the Exultet, an ancient scroll of parchment with hypnotic symbols and of strong artistic importance.

  1. The seaside

15 kilometers of natural balcony on the Adriatic will be the most fascinating spectacle of the city. From here you can admire historic buildings, a very popular promenade and ships arriving from the Mediterranean , to which you can welcome. An aperitif from the seafront will give you an excellent way to relax, admiring the fishermen who “beat” the octopuses , a scene to capture and share with friends.